Foody Friday: Caffeine-Free Favorites

Caffeine-Free Teas

I love organic green tea with an unrivaled passion. I’ll take it with a hint of jasmine, mint, or mango, and I’ll also happily drink it plain. Since overdoing it with caffeine tends to make me a jittery stress ball, however, I’ve been trying to limit myself to 3 cups a day. I still like to have a cup of hot something when I’m not chugging green tea, so I’ve taken to drinking copious amounts of raspberry leaf and rooibos throughout the day. You’ve probably all heard about how pregnant women can benefit from the former, but it isn’t just for pregos y’all! It can also help with menstrual cramps and hormonal imbalance. Rooibos tastes like a strangely enticing combination of figs and tobacco to me, and I find myself reaching for this one a bit more often than raspberry leaf. It has a whole slew of  health benefits, too, including strong teeth/bones and improved digestion.

Read more about raspberry leaf here and rooibos here.

How do you prefer your tea? Caffeine-free or with more of a kick?

Oh, and also: I think it’s been a good while since I’ve given a kombucha update. I’ve been making roughly a gallon a week, and I haven’t had a bad batch yet! Danielle has been doing the same. Our SCOBY collection is growing rapidly, and we plan to have a kombucha-makin party with friends very soon. I’ve experimented with using loose leaf organic green tea and honey instead of sugar for one batch, but I’ve mostly been using organic berry white and organic unbleached sugar. To the finished batches, I’ve added chia seeds, ginger chunks, grape juice, and various berries (whole and pureed).