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Foody Friday: Caffeine-Free Favorites

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I love organic green tea with an unrivaled passion. I'll take it with a hint of jasmine, mint, or mango, and I'll also happily drink it plain. Since overdoing it with caffeine tends to make me a jittery stress ball, however, I've been trying to limit myself to 3 cups a day. I still like to have a cup of hot something when I'm not chugging green tea, so I've taken to drinking copious amounts of raspberry leaf and rooibos throughout the day. You've probably...

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Aubrey Organics - 100% Natural Hair, Skin and Body Care

Foody Friday: Kombucha Update

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Danielle and I have been closely watching the progress of our kombucha, and we deemed it ready after a recent taste test! It's tart, slightly sweet, fizzy, and absolutely delicious. The scoby has easily doubled in size, and at one point it had tentacles that made it look kind of like a jellyfish. We bottled and refrigerated the first batch yesterday, and we started two new batches with our bigger and better scoby.     Hopefully our next two batches will develop just as beautifully. I don't have many doubts...

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Foody Friday: Sparkling ACV & Organic Mint Green Tea

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What's better than basic mint green tea? Well, that's easy--organic mint green tea in unbleached tea bags. And God bless BigLots for selling a big ol' box of just that for less than $5. I've been drinking it nonstop lately; I probably need to stock up before they sell out.

And speaking of delicious, healthy beverages, a recent NMDL post on the benefits of apple cider vinegar prompted me to create a tasty drink involving ACV. It was super...

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KLUTCHclub Review: July’s Box

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A reasonably priced box full of health, wellness, and fitness products might sound too good to be true, but that's exactly what you're signing up for when you join KLUTCHclub. For $16-$18 a month, you'll receive $50 worth of healthy lifestyle goodness right on your doorstep! I recently received July's box for review, and it did not disappoint.

 What's Inside:

Mighty Leaf Teas- All three teas were impressively tasty. I tried the Organic Earl Grey first thing in the morning,...

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A Potion Party

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Pardon my absence, but guess what I've been up to lately?!

Danielle, a couple of our friends, and myself planned a potions party for this past Tuesday night, and we ended up making beet blush, toning mist, and deodorant bars. I've only used each product a couple of times so far, but I'm already in love with the beet blush. I'll be back with extensive reviews when I have time to form solid...

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Stark Skincare Green Tea Detox Clay Mask Review




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When I contacted the founder of Stark Skincare to request samples, she seemed just as eager for me to try her products as I was to try them. Jessica's enthusiasm, combined with her confidence in her products' ability to improve "slightly oily skin, with an occasional blemish" were all the assurance I needed! The first of the four samples I tried was the Green Tea Detox Clay Mask, and that's the gem I'll be reviewing today. Ingredients (provided by Jessica and soon to be up at...

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Knee Lifts and a Tea Trick

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It's that time of year when I get a burst of energy that convinces me to exercise enthusiastically for all of a week. SO I've been doing knee lifts like a crazy person for the past few days. Maybe I'm being overzealous/counting my chickens before they hatch, but my stomach is already starting to look pretty awesome. With results this fast, I might just have to keep it up this time*! In other news, I recently discovered that mixing the cheapest green tea bags in the entire grocery store with the cheapest spearmint tea bags in the entire grocery store results...

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Foody Friday: Sushi, Citrus, and My Fancy New Kettle

Link to Foody Friday: Sushi, Citrus, and My Fancy New Kettle

With plenty of tea, vitamin C, and sushi, my life has been pretty great lately.     Have you experienced the convenient awesomeness that is an electric kettle? Oh, and here are some links to get your weekend started right! 4 Simple Detox Tips for the New Year 10 Essentials for a Successful Detox   p.s. My instagram username dawngwimes. Do with that information what you...

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New Year, New Goals

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I'm not good at keeping promises to myself. Last year, my new year's resolution was to work out every other day. That might've lasted for a week, and by the end of it my idea of working out was wearing ankle weights to check the mailbox. This year's resolutions are a little less rigid; I'm taking it easy since this'll be my last year on earth (jokes). Five goals for 2012: Drink more tea (herbal, green, white, name it!) Eliminate beef and pork from my diet completely. I already eat them very infrequently, so this should be easy peasy. Read...

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Foody Friday: 5 Smart Snacks

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Since I know I'll be eating way too many sweets and fats for my own good on Christmas day and the days surrounding it, I've been doing my best to eat and drink wisely this past week. Here's what I've been snacking on:


After reading a No More Dirty Looks post that referenced a Well+Good post about the many health benefits of drinking lemon water, I've managed to squeeze a little lemon juice into every glass of water I've had since.

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