Foody Friday: Kombucha Kit

Kombucha Kit

I recently ordered a Kombucha Starter Kit from Vegan Cuts, and it finally arrived a few days ago! All I need now is a big ol’ glass jug and some fancy sugar, and I’ll be good to go. Any tips or tricks from kombucha experts out there? I’ve only ever had store bought, but I’m pretty excited to finally be making my own batch. I ordered the strawberry green tea instead of the jasmine, and it smells like a dream come true.

 Read more about kombucha and its supposed health benefits here.

Enjoy your weekend! Assuming you’ll be attending a Halloween party or two, what’s your costume? I’m planning on being a toddler (complete with romper, pigtails, and hello kitty band aids), and I do intend to carry around a sippy cup full of red wine all night.

Update: Danielle and I have already started our first batch. I have a good feeling about it. Update to come!

by Dawn Grimes