Foody Friday: The Perfect Fried Egg


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Fried Egg + Sweet Potato

I’ve been known to unintentionally mutilate an egg or three (in a row) in the process of frying, but Kirby recently taught me how to fry the perfect egg every single time! Wanna know his secret?

First, use a non-stick pan/skillet. He bought one that doesn’t release harmful chemicals because he’s a gem. Next, if you’ll be eating two eggs or more, crack them into a bowl. Turn the stove on high and let the skillet get hot; once you can feel the heat by putting your hand a few inches above the skillet, turn the stove on low. Either crack your single egg into the pan or pour your multiple eggs into it. Put a pot lid over the egg and check the progress every minute or so. When it looks as done as you’d like for it to, put it on a plate and take a picture (because it will look awesome). Easy peasy! I was shocked when he told me I didn’t need to use oil or butter, but he was right (a first).


by Dawn Grimes

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  • i LOVE runny eggs! omg i havent had one since before i got pregnant!! i need one now!!

  • Anonymous

    Runny eggs are my absolute favorite! 🙂