Tea Tree Oil is a pretty effective deodorant.

I’ve been swiping a little tea tree oil under my arms for the past few days with a cotton swab instead of using deodorant, and I think I’m going to make a habit of it. The strong scent (which is pretty reminiscent of licorice) fades within ten minutes, and it keeps my armpits fresh until nightfall. I was a pretty huge fan of the homemade deodorant that I’d been using, but I feel about as okay with  putting tea tree oil on my skin as I do baking soda, and tea tree oil leaves no white residue.

And another thing:

Have I mentioned how pumped I am about Lake Charles having a Hobby Lobby?!

I only look disappointed because I just realized that I don’t have the head shape for hats.


Kirby’s excited too. Also, what a dreamboat!

by Dawn Grimes
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