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One of my ultimate goals in life is to find a perfume that has decent ingredients and doesn’t make me feel physically ill or smell mega crunchy (as in like a big ol’ pile of patchouli). I just might’ve found that in Pixxxie Pie & Posie‘s perfumes.

Ingredients- Since they aren’t provided in the Etsy Shop, I can’t be entirely sure of the exact ingredients in these perfumes. I can, however be comforted by the assurance that “only high quality essential oils, botanical resins/oils & and plant absolutes are utilized” (see below). I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this means these scents are phthalate-free, and I plan to contact the shop owner in regards to this very issue soon.

Some great things about this product:

1. It’s made from natural components. Handmade & eco-friendly, only high quality essential oils, botanical resins/oils & plant absolutes are utilized.

Product Description(provided in the Pixxxie Pie & Posie Etsy Shop)-

Voodoo: “Voodoo is sensual, relaxing and light, with a floral bouquet white-washed in a captivating and delicate sweetness. Intricate notes remind us of warm, lazy evenings on a sun-dappled porch with a light breeze carrying hints of Neroli and the things that come after the dusk. Voodoo holds an almost irresistible charm that will be sure to draw others to you like bees unto honey…or moths to a flame depending on your disposition.”

Swan Bow & Foxglove: “Swan Bow & Foxglove is potent alchemy and one of my favorite creations. Only the finest essential oils are used for this mix & the result is a vibrant scent that disarms with a perfect balance of elements. Wonderfully unusual, Swan Bow & Foxglove holds an arboreal, day-dreamy sweetness about it that gives us flashes of imagery in delicate waves: bright snow upon loamy earth, crushed twigs beneath a high-laced boot, currants and evergreens, a peppered peach Lambic served cold next to a roaring fire.”

Barbarella: “Adventurous and exquisitely fearless, Barbarella strikes out bold and saccharine. Uplifting viridian notes nestle close to tropical coconut and Jamaican rum. And the dazzling whipped cream atop this sexy little crumpet is a tiny dash of pineapple.”

Price– Prices vary by scent, but I got a mini sampler with the three vials being reviewed for $16. 1/6 oz bottles can be purchased for around $18 and 1/2 oz bottles go for around $58. She sells a few other sizes as well.

Performance– All three of these scents have a surprising amount of staying power for a natural product. I’m impressed!

Scent– Voodoo, which is my absolute favorite, is floral with a very jasmine-like finish. My mom loves this one too, and that’s probably worth noting since perfumes tend to give her headaches.

Swan Bow and Foxglove is rather fruity, reminding me especially of peaches and grapes. I’m a big fan of this scent as well, though it seems flirtier than it does sexy (voodoo is more of the latter).

Barbarella smells like straight up coconut. While coconut tends to be one of my favorite scents, I don’t care for it in something that lingers (like a perfume). It can be nauseating when I’m forced to smell it all day, so I prefer it in a light shampoo/conditioner or a foot scrub.

Rating– 10/10 for Voodoo, 9/10 for Swan Bow & Foxglove, and 7/10 for Barbarella.  Combined rating of about 8.5/10. Not bad, but it’s also subject to change depending on what I find out about the ingredients.

Would I purchase this item again? Definitely Voodoo and probably Swan Bow.


*Product was purchased by me. I was not compensated in any way for this review.

by Dawn Grimes

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