Grapefruit Coconut Body Scrub

Body Scrub Ingredients

Monday night, I made the dreamiest body scrub using a modified version of Adrianna’s recipe over at A Cozy Kitchen. It smells delicious (actually, it smells a lot like my current deodorant + some coconut), and it’s just what my dry, itchy skin needed. My knees, elbows, and feet have never felt better! I knew this scrub and I were meant to be the moment I saw the word grapefruit. My sweet neighbors across the street have given us permission to take advantage of their grapefruit tree, so we usually have a steady supply of those guys that is both free and delicious.

My recipe differs from Adrianna’s slightly in that used Olive Oil instead of Grape Seed Oil. Sadly, the latter was nowhere to be found in Lake Charles. I also halved the amount of grapefruit zest because two large grapefruits seemed like plenty (and my arm was tired after zesting the first two). Check out the full tutorial here, and please share your thoughts/suggestions if you make your own batch!

Grapefruit Coconut Scrub


by Dawn Grimes

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