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Yes To Carrots Eye and Face Makeup Remover Review




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    I've had my bottle of Yes To Carrots Can you C Me Eye and Face Makeup Remover for at least two years. I've had it for so long, in fact, that the company has stopped selling this product and replaced it with a Makeup Removing Cleanser. Since it is still being sold online elsewhere, I figured a review wouldn't be entirely pointless. Ingredients (provided on product packaging)- "Spring Water and Carrot Juice and Rosemary Extract, Algae...

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Aubrey Organics - 100% Natural Hair, Skin and Body Care

A Lovely Evening

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With my approaching period, I've been feeling not quite myself lately. I've been eating everything in sight without a second thought. My skin and my hair haven't been behaving themselves (My clay and eggs mask had positive but fleeting results), and after walking Clem and Winston every day this week, my feet are sore and actually pretty smelly (It happens to the best of us).  One night this week, in an attempt to make myself look and feel less haggard, I made time for a

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Yes To Tomatoes Truly Terrific Body Butter Review




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Kirby knows that I moisturize almost compulsively, so the sweet guy bought me two tubs of Yes To Tomatoes Truly Terrific Body Butter for Christmas. After finishing the first tub, I feel confident in my ability to thoroughly review it. Ingredients (provided at “Aqua (Water), Solanum Lycopersicum (Tomatoes) Extract*,Cetearyl Alcohol, Maris Aqua (Dead Sea Water), Capsicum Annuum (Red Pepper) Extract*, Aspalathus Genus (Red Tea) Extract, Isopropyl Palmitate, Citrullus Vulgaris (Watermelon) Extract*, Canola Oil*, Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil*,

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I need them in my life.

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I rarely make a long-term commitment to any health and beauty product, but those listed below have a special place in my heart and in my beauty regimen. 1. Desert Essence tea tree oil mouthwash- Let's get real, natural toothpastes don't actually do much for bad breath.  Flossing and brushing are great for making my teeth look clean, but mouthwash is where it's at if I want to talk close to someone's face (and I do).  I love the way this stuff tastes, and it makes my breath downright pleasant. 2. Spring Valley tea tree oil (that walmart jurnt)- Can you tell...

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A New Year’s Resolution of Sorts

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I remember very clearly the day that I became curious about the ingredients in the health and beauty products I use.  It happened after reading an internet news article about a girl dying as a result of using too much perfume. As to whether or not this article was bullshit, I really have no clue.  I read some really disturbing things about parabens, preservatives used in many cosmetics and toiletries, and sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates, which are cleaning agents. I felt overwhelmed, so I decided that I would try to avoid those two ingredients at least. I began buying...

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