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Beach Necessities (Round 2)

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Remember last year's Beach Necessities post? Well, today I'm back with an updated list of items required for a sufficiently fun day in the sun.

1. Big Towel- Who will be there to comfort you when your upper lip won't stop sweating or you get sand in that cut on your foot? Big towel, that's who.

2. Beach Bag- Because you'll obviously need somewhere to put your folded towel and the items to follow.

3. Books- Reading is like...

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Beach Necessities

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Swimsuits, towels, and sunglasses are just the beginning when it comes to being prepared for the beach. Below is my list of beach necessities. Feel free to share yours; I'd love to hear them!


  1. Beach Bag- Kirby bought me this fun bag when we were at the beach with my family recently, and I knew it would perfect to use as a beach bag for the approaching vacation with his family. There's plenty of room for towels, books, sunglasses, and an assortment of other treats. 2. Tervis Tumbler- This insulated...

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A Survey and a Tumbler

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Could you guys do me a favor and pretty please fill out this quick survey about your favorite and least favorite post topics? Thanks in advance; I'm curious to hear your thoughts on improving Turby and John!   P.S. My mom bought me a Tervis Tumbler on my visit home recently, and I'm in love with this thing. It has two lids for hot and cold beverages, and it's BPA free. Drinking water has never been more convenient! I'm drinking mint green tea out of it as I type this, and life is good.

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