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Foody Friday: 3 Healthy Fats

Link to Foody Friday: 3 Healthy Fats

I've been trying my best to incorporate more healthy/good fats into my diet lately, and the three pictured above have become my absolute favorites.

Avocados- My favorite way to eat this little guy is in the form of guacamole, but I've also been putting 1/2 of one in my green smoothie each morning. It adds a creaminess that is just the best. Avocados have lots of monounsaturated fat, which decreases our risk of heart disease and regulates blood sugar. WIN. Extra Virgin Olive Oil- The brand pictured above is...

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Foody Friday: Two Simple Smoothies

Link to Foody Friday: Two Simple Smoothies

Since school is back in session, and I'm getting up early on a fairly regular basis (blergh), I've been trying to make a habit of healthy breakfasts. Here are a couple of my creations: To make the tasty berry oatmeal smoothie above, I just combined a cup of oatmeal, a cup of berry blast Naked juice smoothie, and a handful of goji berries. I used two large handfuls of spinach, a medium avocado, and a splash of organic sparkling apple...

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Foody Friday: 5 Fruits to Keep You Young & Healthy (Guest Post)

Link to Foody Friday: 5 Fruits to Keep You Young & Healthy (Guest Post)

Louise, a faithful reader of Turby and John, recently sent me an article she'd written, and I thought it would make a great Foody Friday post. She was happy to have her article featured on the blog, and today seemed like the perfect time to share it with you guys.  Take it away, Louise!   Ever heard the saying “you are what you eat”? Thought it was a load of rubbish? Well you might want to think again. Studies show that we can improve our looks by consuming fruit on a regular basis. Many of us would happily splash out on expensive...

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Foody Friday: Spooky Treats

Link to Foody Friday: Spooky Treats

Some of our friends are having a Halloween party this weekend, so I've been keeping an eye out for Halloween-themed party foods for the past several days. I think I've decided on the following two:   BLACK BEAN GUACAMOLE (with blue corn tortilla chips) AND CANDY CORN FUDGE! Assuming I don't eat all the fudge while I'm making it, I think these guys will both make pretty delicious party treats.   How about you? Are there any especially scary recipes you can't wait to...

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Foody Friday: One Fly Salad

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    Danielle made sushi roll edamame salad a few nights ago, and it kind of rocked my world. In case you can't tell what everything is in the tiny picture above, I'll list the components: organic romaine lettuce, edamame, brown rice, cucumber, carrot, green onion, nori, and avocado. The homemade dressing, Green Onion-Miso Vinaigrette, was probably my favorite part, and I plan to put it on so many future salads.   And here are a couple of links worth sharing: Chocolate Good for Heart?- This short article seems a...

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Foody Friday: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert

Link to Foody Friday: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert

Below are the highlights of my week in the categories of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert (respectively).   Fyi, the toast ideas weren't entirely mine. I was inspired by a toast post I saw over at A Cozy Kitchen, which happens to be the only food blog I frequently read. I swapped the ricotta for chevre on the avocado toast and the almond butter for the dark chocolate version on the strawberry toast. I also snapped a few Instagram pictures at the Farmer's Market this week, but I really should've taken more. There were so many colorful fruits and...

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Foody Friday: Homemade Chips and a Big Salad

Link to Foody Friday: Homemade Chips and a Big Salad

Likely inspired by the tasty Sweets & Beets Chips I bought a couple of weeks ago, Danielle made a few homemade batches of her own one night this week. They were absolutely delicious, and I actually felt good about eating them since they were baked instead of fried. I've been trying to eat more salads lately, and the above creation might be the best homemade salad I've had yet! Baby spinach, artichokes, avocado,...

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Avocado, Honey, and Oatmeal Face Mask

Link to Avocado, Honey, and Oatmeal Face Mask

A few nights ago, Danielle and I made a mask for our faces out of avocado, honey, and Dr. Teal's Oatmeal Bath Soaking Solution (which is much less messy/slimy than regular ol' oatmeal, by the way). It was an altogether pleasant experience. The mask was supposed to promote even skin tone, and I didn't see much of a result as far as that goes...but it made my skin soft like a baby's! We had enough mix left for two or three more masks, but I threw it out since avocado doesn't keep well. What a shame, right? I'll definitely be...

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Foods with anti-aging properties? Yes, please.

Link to Foods with anti-aging properties? Yes, please.

photo credit: » Zitona « I just read an article about foods that may slow the aging process, and I found it to be both interesting and helpful.  I tend to become so focused on health and beauty products that I forget how big a role the food we eat actually plays in our overall quality of life. I plan to buy kiwis, dark chocolate, and white tea tomorrow  when I go grocery...

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