Best Base Foundations for Outdoor Shower Sheds

An outdoor shower shed can be a great addition to your backyard setup. One of the most important things to consider when installing an outdoor shower shed is the base foundation. A structure is only ever as good as its foundation. Keep reading to learn about a few different foundation options for your outdoor shed. Wood Decking Wood or timber can be built into a deck structure to be used as a base for the outdoor shower shed. It is important to use strong, pressure-treated wood as it will need to support the weight of the shed and the person or people inside it. Also, keep in mind that there will need to be space around the foundation in order to do any work or maintenance on the structure. Decking

How to Choose Water and Waste Tanks for your New RV

RV water and waste tanks are installed in every RV that’s available on the market. Understanding your RV’s waste and water system will go a long way to ensuring your RV performs at its best. The average RV has three types of water tanks in their construction. The first tank is a freshwater storage tank. The second tank is your bathing water. The third is your sewage and waste tank. If you don’t keep these systems properly maintained, you could face some major mechanical problems. When you bought your RV, the dealer probably showed you all the bells and whistles and how to monitor your water system, how to properly drain your system and where the waste tank is located. Having an intimate understand of your RV is of paramount

Preventing Water Hammer in Steam Systems

In a domestic environment, water hammer is probably most commonly associated with faucets being turned on or off.  In industrial environments, it can occur in a variety of situations, particularly those involving steam systems, which is why it is also known as steam hammer.  In principle water/steam hammer could affect a domestic steam shower. But, in practice, these have minimal risks associated with them.  In industrial environments, however, steam hammer has the potential to be lethal.  It is more than capable of causing injury and can easily lead to expensive damage to piping and housing, particularly at junctions where it could quite feasibly destroy actual valves as well as their flanges and gaskets. What causes water hammer? Water hammer is essentially a product of condensation, which is what happens when