Foody Friday: A Sick Girl’s Best Friends

Leave it to me to come down with a killer scratchy throat/steadily runny nose right in the middle of an already hectic semester. However, I refuse to make a trip to the doctor’s office unless I am truly on my last leg (and I’m not there yet).

Here’s how I’ve been coping with feeling under the weather:


1) tiny citrus fruit

garlic & ginger tea

2) pot after pot of garlic & ginger tea

egg drop soup

3) my simplified version of homemade egg drop soup*

Also making me feel better:

Winning a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers and an Angela & Roi Satchel from Steffy’s Pros and Cons and Pie N’ the Sky, only two of my favorite blogs ever. NICE.

Enjoy the weekend!

*All you need is two eggs (I used a couple from the farmers market…which we totally live just around the corner from now!), 1 3/4 cups of water, a generous amount of Himalayan salt, pepper, and a pinch of green onions.

by Dawn Grimes