How do you moisturize?


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Jojoba/Argan Blend


Seeing this video on the Jenesequa blog has me rethinking the way I apply my moisturizer. I mean, I’m opposed to many of the ingredients used in Clarins products,  but would you look at Claire’s skin?! Either she has excellent genes or there’s something to her method of application. Maybe both.

To moisturize, I typically start in the center of my forehead (recently with jojoba/argan/lavender EO blend) and work my way to my outer and then inner cheeks in small, gentle, circular strokes, and then move from my outer jaw to chin in the same manner (the very same way I wash my face, in fact). How do you moisturize?
by Dawn Grimes

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  • Lyndsey Bell

    i wish someone would learn to me some things. she do have a beautiful face.

  • dawngrimes

    I know, right?!