Foody Friday: Sparkling ACV & Organic Mint Green Tea

Organic Mint Green Tea

What’s better than basic mint green tea? Well, that’s easy–organic mint green tea in unbleached tea bags. And God bless BigLots for selling a big ol’ box of just that for less than $5. I’ve been drinking it nonstop lately; I probably need to stock up before they sell out.

And speaking of delicious, healthy beverages, a recent NMDL post on the benefits of apple cider vinegar prompted me to create a tasty drink involving ACV. It was super simple. I just mixed a can of sparkling seltzer water, two tsps of apple cider vinegar, and a splash of cranberry juice. I think I’m in love, y’all. I’ll have to pick up some more sparkling water on my trip to buy more BigLots tea.

This weekend is gonna be off the chain. Not only is it my birthday, but I’ll be spending it with some of my dearest friends while raising money for a great cause. Hope yours is equally special!

by Dawn Grimes