A Big Ol’ Birthday List


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I’ll be 23 on August 19th.

Instead of comparing myself to all the people who were already wildly successful in their fields by the time they were my age, I think I’ll share a list of things I want instead. Sound good?

High Waist Panties

You had me at organic cotton.

Hair Pins

A dream and a half.

Dawn Wiener

Whether it’s because we share a name or because 7th grade was kind of a tough year for me, I’ve always felt a strong connection to Dawn Wiener. Also, Lucky Jackson is kind of amazing. I actually won a giveaway of hers recently, but I requested a special piece for Kirby’s birthday. Shhhh! I guess Wiener-Dog will just have to wait.

Party Dress

That’s a party dress if I’ve ever seen one, and somehow it’s fairly inexpensive.

Beetle Cuff

Because $170 is chump change.

Eye CreamEnglish breakfast tea might work like a charm, but it’s hardly my favorite tea to drink. Ideally, I could stick to mint green and use this stuff under my eyes.

 Ugglebo Clogs

I could probably overcome my fear of peep-toes for these guys.

White Noise

I just finished Cosmopolis, so why the hell not?

Tea Print

I do! I like it hot!

Kohl Eye Liner

Something about applying powdered liner with a stick feels very Cleopatra. I’m for it.


Sources: Panties, Bobby Pins, Dawn Wiener, Dress, Cuffs, Eye Cream, Clogs, Book, Print, Kohl Liner.

Speaking of birthdays, guess what I’ll be doing on the weekend of the 19th? I’ll be at a benefit concert for one of the sweetest little guys around, and if you’re anywhere near Starkville, Mississippi then that’s where you should be as well. It’s gonna be a blast!

by Dawn Grimes

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