Sketchy Sunscreen vs. Good Old Fashioned Shade

Lately I’ve come across a few articles that have caused me to question my former faith in sunscreen. So can we talk about sunscreen for a minute?


What we know and what we’re learning:

  • Chemical Sunscreens are both unstable and unsafe, especially those containing oxybenzone (unless you like your hormones good and disrupted).
  • Nanoparticles are no picnic either, and they have no place in mineral sunscreens masquerading as safer alternatives.
  • Retinyl Palmitate, a form of vitamin A, has been shown to speed the development of tumors in sunlight. Still, it’s added to 1/4 of all sunscreens.
  • Avoiding sunlight completely and/or bathing in sunscreen might lead to a vitamin D deficiency.
  • SPF values mean almost nothing, and higher ones succeed primarily in promoting overexposure.
  • Because of weak UVA standards and improper application, sunscreen itself might be causing more free radical damage than UV rays.
  • Oh yeah, and here’s the kicker—sunscreens might not even prevent skin cancer. Some might actually encourage it.


So sunscreen isn’t the miracle potion we once thought? That doesn’t surprise me as much as it probably should. And you know what, guys?  If forced to choose between sketchy sunscreen and good old fashioned shade, then I’m gonna choose the latter every single time.

How about you? I’m curious to hear your thoughts as well.



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by Dawn Grimes