Beach Necessities (Round 2)

Beach Bag Contents

Remember last year’s Beach Necessities post? Well, today I’m back with an updated list of items required for a sufficiently fun day in the sun.

1. Big Towel– Who will be there to comfort you when your upper lip won’t stop sweating or you get sand in that cut on your foot? Big towel, that’s who.

2. Beach Bag– Because you’ll obviously need somewhere to put your folded towel and the items to follow.

3. Books– Reading is like volleyball for lazy people.

4. Sunglasses/Sunglasses Case– Protect your eyes; they help you see.

5. Phone Case– Some people store their phones in ziploc bags, and others leave them in the condo (this second group simultaneously disgusts and inspires me). I use this fancy zippered pouch.

6. Skin FriendsSunscreen, aloe vera lotion, and toning mist will all come in handy.

7. Lip Balm/Lipstick- The former is functional, but who doesn’t look good in swimwear and red lipstick?

 8. Hair Accessories– Pins? Check. Pony tail holder? Check. The perfect headband? Check!

9. Drink Receptacle– A hot day isn’t worth braving without my puppy tumbler and glass straw.

How about you? Which items have you found to be essential for a successful beach day?

P.S. Where’s the big hat, you ask? Well, mine got soaked in river water and became something I’d rather not have near my hair and orifices. I’m still looking for a replacement. Until then, shade is my dearest friend.

by Dawn Grimes

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