KLUTCHclub Review: July’s Box

KLUTCHclub July

A reasonably priced box full of health, wellness, and fitness products might sound too good to be true, but that’s exactly what you’re signing up for when you join KLUTCHclub. For $16-$18 a month, you’ll receive $50 worth of healthy lifestyle goodness right on your doorstep! I recently received July’s box for review, and it did not disappoint.

 What’s Inside:

Mighty Leaf Teas– All three teas were impressively tasty. I tried the Organic Earl Grey first thing in the morning, and it was just as invigorating a I hoped it would be. The Tropical Green Tea made a great post-lunch treat, and the Citrus Chamomile was perfect before bed!

Molecule R (Agar-Agar)– I’ve yet to try this stuff, but I’ve always found molecular gastronomy so fascinating. I can’t wait to use the Agar-Agar to make balsamic vinegar pearls. Post to come!

1st Step Pro-Wellness/ High Performance Fitness– Aren’t supplements supposed to taste bad? This liquid B12 complex was actually kind of delicious, and it also gave me a nice little energy boost.

Truvia® Natural Sweetener– I’ve actually tried Truvia before, and I’m a pretty big fan of the brand and of stevia in general. I’m saving these 7 packets for a rainy day. You never know when you’ll come across a bitter cup of tea or a boring bowl of oatmeal, ya know?

Nia– I can’t wait to try the 30-day free online workout class that came in this month’s box! An imaginative blend of dance and martial arts? YES PLEASE.

Zoye– This soybean oil is non-GMO, which automatically scores points with me.

 Mineral Hygenics– I’m thinking of using this $15 gift certificate to buy myself some brow color. How fancy does that sound?

Goulibeur-You ever eaten something so tasty that, upon finishing, you wish you could time travel and eat it again? These shortbread cookies caused me to have that reaction.

Cascal– I didn’t like the sound of fermented soda, but I sure did like the taste of it!

Overall Experience:

I’m happy with the items I received in July’s box, and I’ve also discovered several new brands and products that I plan to support/purchase in the future. I’d say this experience was an entirely positive one. : )

So, what do you think? Does KLUTCHclub sound like something you’d like to try? If so, then maybe you should join today!

*Box provided by KLUTCHclub. Opinions provided by me.

Enjoy the weekend, pals! I’m leaving Sunday for a beach trip with my family, but I have a week full of beach-themed post scheduled for while I’m gone. Stick around!

by Dawn Grimes

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