Foody Friday: Shutterbean’s Mexican Popcorn

Mexican Popcorn

Since popcorn is one of my very favorite snacks, I’m almost always looking for ways to fancy it up. I once added white chocolate chips a freshly-made batch, and the melted chocolately goodness completely cancelled out the shame I felt for consuming white chocolate.

Am I proud of that fact? No.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.

Anyway, when I saw a recipe for Mexican Popcorn on Shutterbean, I knew that I needed such a snack in my life (or at least a variation). I altered my recipe a little (both to make up for what I didn’t have and to satisfy the fatty inside me), but it still turned out pretty delightful.

First off,  I attempted to halve the amount of popcorn being made. I might’ve actually ended up using more, though, since I eyed it instead of using a measuring cup. You know me, master chef over here. I cooked the popcorn in coconut oil as suggested, but I melted the spices in butter. I used bottled lime juice and therefore didn’t add zest, and I topped the popcorn with a few generous shakes of Crystal hot sauce.

There’s a good chance that my popcorn didn’t turn out to be quite as tasty as Tracy’s, but I still managed to eat almost all of it in a hot 30 minutes. By myself.

Happy weekend! I’ll be gone to the beach with Kirby and his family for all of next week, but I’ll be back the following Monday to shower you guys with summer posts and overdue reviews. : )

by Dawn Grimes