Is your city affecting your complexion? (an Infographic from Daily Glow)

With summer here and sun exposure becoming inevitable, taking care of our skin should be at the forefront of our minds. Unfortunately, healthy skin isn’t guaranteed to everyone with a cabinet full of clean beauty products and a fridge full of whole foods. Did you know that where you live can also play a huge part in your  skin’s health and overall appearance? That’s where Daily Glow’s infographic comes in:


Daily Glow Infographic

Taking into account climate, skin cancer rates, and lifestyle, Daily Glow names the 55 best and worst cities for our skin (analyzing specifically the top and bottom 10). Interesting stuff, right? And particularly useful for those of us who are still deciding where to vacation this summer!

Once again, Portland has stolen my heart and beckoned me with its siren song.

For more info on why each city was chosen, check out the accompanying slideshows on the best and worst cities.

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by Dawn Grimes

Filed under: physical well-being, skin care, the great outdoors