Summer Thighs/All Out Abs

Anthropologie Bikini


I vow to get in shape before being seen in a swimsuit each summer, and I neglect this vow after only a few days of effort nearly every time. Fortunately, I think I’ve finally pinpointed the source of my past failures:

 I hate working out alone.

Who doesn’t, though? Where’s the motivation in that? Realizing my weakness, I set out to find a workout partner (be it an actual friend or a stranger in a video reassuring me of my abilities). I happened upon both when I saw the summer thighs video on Ashley’s blog and immediately asked Danielle if she’d be willing to set aside ten minutes each day to exercise with me. She said yes, and we’ve been working out to the video at least once a day since (aside from a short break after the first two days when my legs were so sore I thought they’d fall right off). Brooke shared another video on Ashley’s blog targeting abs, and we’ve recently started doing that one as well.

And guess what? Working out no longer sucks.

I hope the beach is ready for me, because for once I will actually be ready for the beach.

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by Dawn Grimes