A Potion Party

blush, toner, deodorant

Pardon my absence, but guess what I’ve been up to lately?!

Beet Blush

Danielle, a couple of our friends, and myself planned a potions party for this past Tuesday night, and we ended up making beet blush, toning mist, and deodorant bars. I’ve only used each product a couple of times so far, but I’m already in love with the beet blush. I’ll be back with extensive reviews when I have time to form solid opinions of the other two.

For the curious, here are the recipes we used:

1. Toner

2. Blush

3. Deodorant

We used both lavender and tea tree essential oils in the toner, and we put the liquid in spray bottles to avoid having to use a cotton ball. Also, misting your face is probably one of the most refreshing things ever. Right?

I’m pretty sure the potion party was a hit, and we plan to have another one so soon!

by Dawn Grimes