Coconut Oil: Refined vs Unrefined


I’ve always heard that unrefined coconut oil is the way to go when it comes to cooking, and this makes plenty of sense.  Apparently the polyphenols in coconut oil, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, are damaged during the refining process. I’ve also read that the proteins/minerals are significantly diminished after being refined.

 But because it was the cheaper option at the health food store, I’ve been moisturizing my body with organic refined coconut oil for the past couple of weeks. Common sense tells me that since my skin is  my largest organ, I might be better off opting for unrefined coconut oil when it comes to moisturizing, but frugality tells me to get over it. After all, it is still organic, expeller pressed, and processed under the same guidelines as any USDA organic product. Like I said, I’ve found plenty of information that would be helpful if I were cooking with it (one & two)…but not so much related to putting it on my body.

Any helpful input is encouraged. : )