Dry skin brushing, anyone?

Body Brush


Leave it to me to be the last person on earth to try something useful, but are you guys familiar with dry skin brushing? Danielle mentioned incorporating it into her daily routine a couple of months or so ago, and (as with most awesome things she tries) I simply told her to let me know how she liked it.

I had all but forgotten about dry skin brushing until I saw a recent morning routine on No More Dirty Looks that mentioned it, and soon after that I stumbled upon an article about it. What did I learn? Apparently it’s a great way to improve circulation, brighten one’s complexion, and even detoxify the body. Whether or not these claims are founded,  I am beginning to think that maybe I should take a brush to this neglected skin of mine. What’s the worst that could happen (aside from wasting $40 on a fancy skin brush)?

Are you a fan of dry skin brushing? If not, then maybe you could save a girl some dollars by being honest.

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by Dawn Grimes