On Keeping Pets Out of Purses



I actually read the article I’m about to share a while back, but since  I’m still pretty busy with school and don’t have a lot of time to compose anything original…today seemed like an okay time to bring it out.

Like me, I’m sure you guys spend 94% of your lives searching for new and frightening scenarios to worry about, so why not add these 5 Pet Poisons to your list? Since each item on the list can easily find its way into your purse, accidentally poisoning your pet has never been easier!

On the real, though. As if I needed another reason to dislike tobacco, artificial sweetener, and OTC medication…

Maxine, the chunky angel pictured above, once literally spent hours trying to paw her way into my purse because she smelled Orbit gum. We’ve both wised up since then–she no longer spends an entire day pursuing a single piece of gum, and I no longer buy gum with artificial sweetener.
by Dawn Grimes

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