Stark Skincare Green Tea Detox Clay Mask Review

Stark Skincare

When I contacted the founder of Stark Skincare to request samples, she seemed just as eager for me to try her products as I was to try them. Jessica’s enthusiasm, combined with her confidence in her products’ ability to improve “slightly oily skin, with an occasional blemish” were all the assurance I needed! The first of the four samples I tried was the Green Tea Detox Clay Mask, and that’s the gem I’ll be reviewing today.

Ingredients (provided by Jessica and soon to be up at “Moroccan lava clay (Rhassoul), Montmorillonite (French Green Clay) ,Camellia sinensis (green tea) extract, Pumila Mill (apple) fruit extract, Citrus aurantifolia (lime) fruit extract”

The preliminary report I created for this product in the Cosmetics Database gives it a low hazard score of zero, with no individual ingredients having a hazard score above a two.

Some great things about this product:

1. Along with all other Stark Skincare products, it’s free of synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives, and surfactants.

2. It’s vegan and cruelty-free.

3. It comes in a reusable glass jar, which is nice for me and the environment!

Product Description(provided at “This blend of clay, green tea and fruit extracts creates a deceptively simple, mask that goes a long way to purify and detox your skin, while leaving it soft and supple. Perfect to use as a spot treatment or as a weekly mask to brighten any complexion, by simply adding a few drops of your favourite liquid (green tea, pure fruit juice, water or honey for dry skin types) to ½ a teaspoon of the dry mask. Apply a thin, even layer and wash with warm water once it has completely dried (about 10 minutes). ”

Price$30 for a 2 oz. glass jar. Considering how little is needed for a weekly mask or to spot treat the occasional blemish, I’d say this is a very reasonable price.

Performance– I’ve been meaning to invest in another clay mask since I ran out of Indian Healing Clay, so this sample couldn’t have come at a better time. Already I’ve used it a few times as an all over face mask and several times to spot treat blemishes.  My skin feels brighter, softer, and seems to have a more even tone after applying and removing this product. It leaves blemishes less inflamed and seems to shorten the length of time they’re around. Needless to say, I am a fan.

Scent– Mild and pleasant, like the dreamy lime popsicles of my childhood.

Rating– 10/10.

Would I purchase this item again? Absolutely I would!


*Product was provided by Stark Skincare. Opinions are all mine.


P.S. Any readers in Canada should be especially excited about this line of products, since that’s where they’re made. ; )

P.S.S. Check out Jessica’s blog for contests, information on the benefits of certain natural ingredients, and plenty of other fun stuff!


by Dawn Grimes

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