Olivella Nourishment Cream Review

Olivella Nourishment Cream


Remember my mention of the Olivella Nourishment Cream sample I received? Well, today I’ll be reviewing it!

Ingredients (provided on product packaging)- water, olive fruit oil,glycerin,cetearyl olivate,shea butter, hydrogenated olive oil,sorbitan olivate,olive oil, sweet almond oil, rose seed oil,sunflower seed oil, corn oil,chamomile extract,carrot root extract,hypericum perforatum extract,glyceryl linoleate,glyceryl caprylate,sodium dehydroacetate, ascorbyl palmitate,lecithin,tocopherol,xanthan gum,citric acid.

The preliminary report I created for this product in the Cosmetics Database gives it a hazard score of 5. Fragrance is the only ingredient with a hazard score above a 3 (ingredients with large data gaps aside). I’ve emailed the company to see if the fragrances they use are phthalate-free. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and I’ll let you guys know as soon as I do.

Some great things about this product:

1. It’s free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, and gluten.

2. It’s cruelty-free.

Product Description(provided at olivellausa.com)- “Olivella Nourishment Cream is a natural night and day face cream, rich yet light and extremely absorbable, non-greasy, leaves skin perfectly nourished, granting an immediate pleasant feeling and an extraordinary vitality and softness. Great cream for dry skins, protects skins from external agents and prevents aging. Uses an exclusive natural Nourish-compensator which exercises a fundamental role in maintaining and/or restoring the surface lipidic barrier.”

Price$18.99 for a 1.69 fl oz container.

Performance– Since it’s pretty rich, I’ve been using this product strictly underneath my eyes. It’s perfect for this area, and it consistently leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized. And even though it’s rich/thick, it has a nice and surprisingly lightweight feel after it’s applied. It wears well under concealer, which is a definite plus.

Scent– Rich, floral, and almost a little masculine. I like it, but it might be a bit overwhelming if I were applying the product to a larger area.

Rating– Assuming the fragrance is phthalate-free, this product deserves a 9/10 (subtracting half a point for the heavy scent and another for the price). I will edit this rating if I hear otherwise regarding the fragrance.

Would I purchase this item again? The depends pretty much entirely on whether or not the fragrance is phthalate-free.


by Dawn Grimes

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