Skinnyskinny Jasmine Organic Dry Shampoo Review

Jasmine Organic Dry Shampoo

Some days I’m too lazy to bother with wetting my hair. It’s on these days that dry shampoo comes in especially handy!

Ingredients (provided at “Cornstarch*, brown rice powder*, white clay, horsetail powder*, baking soda, orris root powder*, essential oils *certified organic”

This product receives a low hazard score of 1 in the preliminary report I created for it in the Cosmetics Database.  The unspecified oils are the only ingredient with a hazard score above a 2.

Some great things about this product:

1. It’s free of parabens, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance and sulfates.

2. It’s made with organic ingredients.

3. It’s vegan cruelty-free.

Product Description(provided at “These organic dry shampoos are, well, amazing. They are so easy to use and so effective that it’s not uncommon to go 3 days in between washings and all the while, your hair will look healthy and not at all oily. Besides, it’s simply not good to wash your hair every day, either. Plus, it’s time-consuming to wash, dry and style your hair day after day after day. Really, isn’t there something else you’d rather be doing? And if that’s not enough, these shampoos actually give your hair an awesome texture that doesn’t require as much styling products to have volume. In short, we LOVE these dry shampoos.

To use: Just sprinkle (or dust with a powder brush) along the roots of your hair, wait a few minutes, and then comb through. That’s it. You’re done. Now go enjoy your free time, dang it!”

Price–  $9 for a 1 oz. travel size and $32 for 4.5 oz.

Performance– I actually ordered the Lavender and Rosemary Dry Shampoo, so imagine my surprise when I opened the Amazon box to find an entirely different scent. Fortunately, jasmine would have been my second choice, and the scent is nothing short of lovely (see below). As far as the cleaning/oil absorbing ability of this product, I find that it works just fine if you use twice to three times as much as you think you should.  Since I’m a sucker for products that last forever, this isn’t ideal. I’d also suggest not using this dry shampoo on hair that has product buildup; I made this mistake the first few times I used it, and it caused my hair to look flat and feel pretty weighed down.

Scent– The scent is by far my favorite aspect of this product. It’s floral and just the dreamiest.

Rating–  I’m subtracting 1 point for the price and another since a little of this product does not go a long way. 8/10

Would I purchase this item again?  I just might… if I come into some money.

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by Dawn Grimes

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