What exactly is in a moisturizing strip?


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One of the least green things about me is that I use disposable razors. It’s shameful, I know, but I’ve been known to use the same one for at least two weeks in hopes of being less wasteful, and I simply cannot afford the upkeep that a reusable Venus or an Intuition requires. The complete deterioration of the moisturizing strip or a serious case of razor burn are usually my signals to throw out my old razor and replace it with another, and unfortunately it’s usually the latter. I’ve never really given much thought to the elusive moisturizing strip until recently, but my present curiosity concerning its ingredients has been met with very little information on the internet. They  can’t just be made with vitamin E and aloe, right? That would make too much sense. Regardless, I should probably be well-informed considering how often I shave (very) and how much of my body comes in contact with with moisturizing strip (at least 1/2 of it). I plan to check out the packages of each and every kind of disposable razor the next time I find myself at the store, but in the meantime….I’m curious to hear your thoughts/findings.

Have you any clue what’s in the average moisturizing strip? Do you know where I can easily locate this information?

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by Dawn Grimes

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  • I’m so glad you posted this!  It finally hit me a couple months ago too – I use Venus usually (way overpricd, I know), but I got a free sample of a Gilette fusion one, where the package says “reformulated lubrication strip with more lubricants and a touch of mineral oil” and I finally clued in.  I haven’t seen any that actually list ingredients, but I’m sure Venus and other brand ones are pretty comparable.  I’m going to use up the blades I already have, but after that, I’m not sure what to do!

  • Nbranch

    You can afford the Venus if you care for it properly. When you finish shaving, simply dry the razor and store it away from moisture. One blade will last for weeks, even months. It’s not the hair that dulls the blade, but moisture makes it rust.

  • Anonymous

    Mineral oil?! Sheesh! It’s worse than I imagined. I wonder if there’s a razor out there that doesn’t have a moisturizing/lubricating strip? If so, then maybe that would be the best option. Coupling the plain razor with jojoba, coconut, olive, or grape seed oil would be much safer and hopefully just as effective!

  • Anonymous

    Do you know if Venus sells a razor without a moisturizing strip? If not, then that presents an entirely different set of problems (unfortunately).

  • Ed Foster

    US patent # US5626154 A, aluminum/sodium salts, polystyrene, acrylic acid polymer, polyethylene oxide, cross-linked polyacrylamide, among other things. Aluminum salt and amides are poison and will cross-link the cells of whatever flesh they come into contact with (skin, muscle, brain).

  • SS

    I just purchased razors with an all natural strip from Dorco USA. They are like venus, and 1/2 the price!