Hello Mellow Uplift/Unwind Body Butter Reviews

Hello Mellow Uplift Body Butter

Hello Mellow Unwind Body Butter


Hello Mellow’s luxurious body oils aren’t the only way to achieve softer than soft skin. Their body butters are pretty dreamy as well! Today I’ll be reviewing Uplift and Unwind.

Ingredients (provided at hellomellow.com)-

Uplift: avocado butter, mango butter, and essential oils of grapefruit and vanilla and love.

Unwind: avocado butter, mango butter, and essential oils of benzoin, cedarwood and vanilla and love..

The preliminary reports I created in the Cosmetics Database give these products both low hazard scores of 0!

Some great things about these products:

1. They’re free of artificial fragrances/colors, parabens, sulfates, and petrochemicals.

2. They’re cruelty-free.

Product Description (provided at hellomellow.com)-

Uplift: your skin will happily devour these nutrients while your senses luxuriate in our simply sweet, subtly soothing, UPLIFT blend. this feel-good scent of pink and white grapefruit with a hint of warming vanilla will shift you into your happy place in a single application

Unwind: ready to unwind? UNWIND soothes your soul with a calming breath of tranquility. our blend of cedarwood, benzoin, and vanilla seduces you into a mellow state of being.

Price$6 for a mini container, $22 for a 2 oz container, or $30 for an 4 oz container.

Performance-  You know those pesky little dry skin bumps that sometimes appear on your forearms/just above your elbows in the coldest months? Well, these body butters made mine disappear completely within the first two days of using them. In keeping with the themes of the names, I used the uplift in the morning and the unwind before bed. The scents suited each time of day perfectly (see below), and the consistency was rich but not annoyingly thick. They both immediately melted into my skin and made it so soft without leaving the greasy residue that often accompanies body butters. Now that’s impressive!

Scent–  The website describes the scent of uplift as subtly sweet citrus of pink and white grapefruit with a hint of vanilla, and it describes the scent of unwind as lightly earthy with a hint of sweetness. That seems about right to me!

Rating– 10/10 for each of these lovely little guys

Would I purchase this item again? You know it!

*Products were provided by Hello Mellow. Opinions were provided by me. 

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by Dawn Grimes

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