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Revitalize Body Oil

Rejuvenate Body Oil


Have you guys heard of Hello Mellow? I hadn’t until recently, but their bright, fun packaging immediately grabbed my attention. It was their safe and simple ingredients that held it, and I was thrilled to receive several samples in the mail for review. Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the two body oils I tried: Revitalize and Rejuvenate.

Ingredients (provided at hellomellow.com)-

Revitalize: avocado butter, mango butter, essential oils of geranium and lavender and love.

Rejuvenate: avocado butter, mango butter, essential oils of lemongrass, lavender, and litsea and love.

The preliminary reports I created in the Cosmetics Database give these products low hazard scores of 0 and 1 respectively. None of the individual ingredients have hazard scores above a 1.

Some great things about these products:

1. They’re free of artificial fragrances/colors, parabens, sulfates, and petrochemicals.

2. They’re cruelty-free.

Product Description (provided at hellomellow.com)-

Revitalize: refresh your spirit with a vital surge of clarity. lavender and geranium melt away stress and keep you going.

Rejuvenate: awaken your spirit with a powerful burst of energy. lemongrass, lavender and litsea combat mental fatigue and recharge your spark.

Price$12 for a 2 oz bottle, $22 for a 6 oz bottle, or $28 for an 8 oz bottle.

Performance-  I’ve always heard that moisturizing damp, freshly-washed skin is the way to go, but I hadn’t quite experienced the dreaminess firsthand until using these products. I put the bottles of oil in the shower with me, and immediately after turning the water off (and wrapping my hair in a towel) I applied a generous amount of the oil to my entire body. After massaging the oil into my skin for a few minutes, I gently patted it dry with a towel. Not only was my skin uncharacteristically soft for winter, but it also felt incredibly smooth until the next day’s shower. I plan to moisturize this way daily and probably exclusively from now on. Also, a few drops of either oil in a warm bath is pretty special.

Scent–  Revitalize has a nice earthy scent, and rejuvenate is bright with a citrus feel that is reminiscent of citronella. I love them both, but I’d definitely prefer revitalize for everyday use.

Rating– 10/10 for revitalize and and 9/10 for rejuvenate (since I prefer revitalize’s scent and its hazard score is a bit lower). Collective score: 9.5/10.

Would I purchase this item again? Yes and yes.

*Product was provided by Hello Mellow. Opinions were provided by me. 

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by Dawn Grimes

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