Eucalypto Organics Rosehip Balancing Facial Serum Review

Rosehip Balancing Facial Serum

When I contacted Laurie from Eucalypto Organics about possibly reviewing an item from her shop, she was sure to send me a product that both my skin and my nose would adore. The Rosehip Balancing Facial Serum is positively dreamy!

Ingredients (provided in the Eucalypto Organics Shop)-” Rosehip Seed Oil*, Meadowfoam Seed Oil*, Macadamia Nut Oil*, Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Rosehip CO2*, Calendula CO2*, Lavender*, Citrus Bergamia*, Rosewood*, Frankinsence*, Geranium*, Patchouli*, Grapefruit*, Myrhh*, Magnolia*, Ylang Ylang*, Sandlewood*, Rock Rose*, St Johns Wort*, Vanilla*

( * Certified Organic or Wild Harvested )”

The preliminary report I created in the Cosmetics Database gives this product a low hazard score of 1. There are no ingredients with hazard scores above two, and the only ingredient I left out was rock rose (since I couldn’t locate it in the database).

Some great things about this product:

1. It’s free of parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, petroleums and artificial colors/fragrances.

2. It’s made with organic ingredients.

3. It’s vegan and gluten free.

Product Description(provided in the Eucalypto Organics Shop)- “From Eucalypto Organics Skin Essentials line this restorative and healing serum contains a powerhouse of amazing organic oils that your skin will literally drink. Serums work by depositing nutrients far deeper into your skin than a regular moisturizer may be able to reach and if used consistently will aid in prolonging the youthful qualities of your skin. This elixer nourishes on a cellular level which will result in restored, balanced, softened, repaired, and hydrated skin.

Think of this serum as an alternative moisturizing treatment. Instead of applying a cream or lotion first moisten your skin with your favorite toner or a bit of water then massage as much as you need into your face or body. This serum will sink in quickly and leave no oily residue although its best to wait a few minutes before applying makeup.

To be used in conjunction with Skin Essentials Balancing Cleanser and Skin Essentials Balancing Toner to nuture your skin.

I created this Serum for myself after years of suffering from dry sensitive skin that commerical products left either dry or broken out. I can honestly say that my skin hasnt looked this good since high school! I am a big fan of using straight oils as moisturizers and I find that they do a way better job than any cream or lotion that I’ve used.I am happy to be able to offer this product to others looking for help with their skin.”

Price$20 for a 1 oz bottle with dropper.

Performance– A few years ago, moisturizing with oil would’ve seemed ludicrous to me.  I thought depriving my skin of moisture was the best way to deal with my constant breakouts, and I washed my face far more often than I moisturized it. With the help of Danielle and a little trial and error, however, I came to realize that minimal gentle cleansing and frequent moisturizing  were the best things I could do for my skin. Now, using oil as a moisturizer seems perfectly reasonable. For the past two weeks, after cleansing my face with a mixture of oils (post to come) and toning my face with apple cider vinegar and green tea toner, I’ve been massaging 4 or 5 drops of this serum into my skin morning and night. Believe it or not, my skin is soft, clear, and not the least bit oily! As Laurie suggests, it’s best to wait a few minutes after applying this serum before putting on any makeup.

Scent– The scent of this serum reminds me of one of the Persephenie products I recently reviewed. Think rich, calming, and slightly floral. It’s great!

Rating– 10 all the way!

Would I purchase this item again?  Oh yeah.

*Product was provided by Eucalypto Organics. Opinions were provided by me. 

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by Dawn Grimes

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