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The contents of my makeup bag have changed significantly since my last makeup bag post, so I figured it was time for another Inside My Makeup Bag feature.  Not only have the contents changed, but they’ve also more than doubled…so I’ve split them into two posts: eyes and lips/cheeks.  Today I’ll be sharing my eye makeup with you guys, and come back tomorrow for a lips/cheeks post. Let’s get to it!

Eye Makeup

1. Priia Cosmetics Eye Shadow Samples (Mineral Matte Shadow in Just PeachyMineral Satin Shadow in Mint Leaf)- The former is great for keeping lids even and the latter is a nice, subtle green.

2. Priia Cosmetics Foundation/Powder Samples (Behave Finishing Powder & Essential Cover Creme Mineral Foundation in Golden Beige)- Like the mineral matte shadow, I’ve been using the finishing powder on my lids. The cover creme makes for a dreamy under eye concealer.

3. W3ll People Narcissist Foundation Stick (#2)- I received this little guy a few days ago for review, and I am loving it! Review to come.

4. Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Luminous Foundation (#115)- This is another foundation stick I’ve been given to review. I’d be hard-pressed to pick a favorite between this product and the one above. Check out their ingredients and you’ll see why!

5. Eyelash Curler/Eye Liner Sharpener- As far as I’m concerned, every living, breathing girl needs to own these two tools.

6. 100% Pure Mascaras (Blackberry & Dark Chocolate)- Blackberry at night and dark chocolate during the day!

7. Vapour Organic Beauty Mesmerize Eyeliner (Black Velvet)- I love a smudger/smoky eye tool. Review to come!

8. Honeybee Gardens Jobacolors Eye Liner (Smoking Gun)- Two words: smoky and smooth.

9. Alima Pure Fall Runway Collection (Front Row, Press Pass, and Catwalk only…I ran out of Backstage)- Front row is a flattering pale gold, press pass is a striking taupe, and catwalk is a pretty, albeit messy, powdered black eye liner.

10. Alima Pure Rainforest Collection (Bromeliad, Jaguar, Macaw, & Kapok)- These shades of golden-orange, brown, green, and teal are all perfect for a collection dedicated to rainforests.

11. Alima Pure Cold Outside Collection (Jack Frost, Snow Angel, & Snowdrift…Rosy Cheeks can be found in tomorrow’s post)- Cool colors aren’t always ideal for my complexion, but they’re nice to have around just in case.

12. Alima Pure Warm Inside Collection (Candlelight, Mulled Cider, and Hot Toddy…Firelight can be found in tomorrow’s post)- I tend to reserve eye shadow for special occasions, but these three are understated and flattering enough for frequent use.

*It might seem odd that I’ve included foundation in this post, but since I primarily use it as an under eye concealer it seemed to fit better with the eyes than the lips/cheeks.

What’s inside your makeup bag? Do tell!

by Dawn Grimes

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  • I become an make up addicted very recently, something like 1 year ago. Before that, I just wore nude lipsticks and lipglosses. When I discovered beauty blogs I totally become nuts and want to buy everything! But some months ago, after I start to concern about the products I put over my face/body, I’m renewing my makeup collection.
    I have the liquid foundation by Vapour. It’s amazing product with amazing ingredients, but I think it’s too expensive.
    I would try Priia again, but the shipping for here is pretty expensive, so I found another company with reasonable shipping fee and nice organic products. The company is The All Natural Face. I’m waiting it arrive here.
    I’m super envy of you. I’m crazy to try Honeybee gardens lipsticks and eyeliner, but I have to wait, as I already did a make up shop this month.
    I took a picture of my makeup space here some months ago, but a lot of make up already changed.
    But your collection is pretty nice and safe. Just organic/green options! Good job.

  • Becky Blad

    Returning the follow. Thanks!

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    Thanks for stopping by, Becky! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    That’s nice that you found a cheaper alternative to Priia. It wasn’t expensive at all to ship here, but international shipping can be a real pain sometimes. 🙂

    Your makeup is way more organized than mine; I’m so jealous!

  • Hope Adela Pasztor

    Great makeup! =)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! 🙂