Beach Necessities

Swimsuits, towels, and sunglasses are just the beginning when it comes to being prepared for the beach. Below is my list of beach necessities. Feel free to share yours; I’d love to hear them!



1. Beach Bag- Kirby bought me this fun bag when we were at the beach with my family recently, and I knew it would perfect to use as a beach bag for the approaching vacation with his family. There’s plenty of room for towels, books, sunglasses, and an assortment of other treats.

2. Tervis Tumbler- This insulated tumbler will be perfect for holding my choice of refreshing beverage.

3. Nail Polishes and Remover– A girl has gotta keep her toes looking fly at the beach too, right? The three bottles of polish that aren’t piggy paint came with a French manicure set I came across at Marshalls for cheap. Don’t worry; they’re big 3 free!

4. Headbands– I can think of few things I hate more than sweaty bangs on my forehead. And fyi, both of these headbands are homemade. I made the simple flower one and Danielle made the pretty braided one. Here’s to hoping she’ll let me bring hers.

5, Lip BalmBurt’s Bees Sun Protecting Lip Balm tastes like an orange push up, so I obviously love it. I’m also bringing Alime Pure’s Organic Nourishing Lipbalm in Holly Berry, for when I’m feeling a little fancier. It doesn’t have SPF like the Burt’s Bees stuff, but it does contain Titanium Dioxide, so I’m assuming it provides some sun protection?

6. Sunscreen– My Loving Naturals Sunscreen finally arrived, and I am so excited to use it. Check out these stellar ingredients!

7. Sun Hat- Because sometimes sunscreen isn’t enough.



by Dawn Grimes

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