Dog Toothpaste, Protein Shakes, and a Fantastic Article

  • I’ve been trying my best to brush Clementine and Winston’s teeth daily, and their new Chicken flavored toothpaste is making that an increasingly manageable task. Clementine thinks she’s getting a treat every time she sees her green toothbrush (and sometimes my white one), and Winston no longer objects to the process with cowering and sneezes. I try to avoid using products on my pets that I wouldn’t use on myself, so I intentionally chose a toothpaste that was both sulfate and paraben free. Even better, all of the ingredients have have hazard scores no higher than two in the Cosmetics Database, aside from the one ingredient I couldn’t and didn’t really expect to locate (poultry digest). Here’s a picture of Clementine waiting patiently to have her teeth brushed. She’s such a lady. I was in the middle of brushing my teeth when this picture was taken.


  • I recently received a free sample of Arbonne’s Protein Shake Mix in Vanilla, and it tastes just like the the delicious vanilla frappes I used to buy at a coffee shop in Tupelo where an embarrassing amount of my teenage life was wasted. And with ingredients like Co Q10, alfalfa, ginseng, and flax seed, this shake mix makes those frappes seem like a joke.
  • A few days ago, friend Jacqui sent me a link to an eye-opening blog post about the potentially dangerous female obsession with beauty products.  It’s called Why Cleopatra was a Hippie, and you should read it. Get ready for truth bombs like this: “I’m sure Cleopatra knew what she was doing when she lined her eyes and painted her lips.  The difference is her makeup was plant based, not synthesized and developed in laboratories by scientists wearing face masks.”


Enjoy your Tuesday, friends! If weather permits, a trip to the park might be in order. Is there anything dreamier than a Tuesday picnic with a cute boy and a couple of dogs?


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by Dawn Grimes