Guest Review: Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum


Hello, I’m Christina Vedros McCain and I’ll be reviewing Made From Earth’s Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum. My lovely and generous friend Dawn passed this product along to me to review recently when I was dabbling in all the great products she has at her house. I hope my review helps you to decide if this product is right for you!

Ingredients (provided at Rose Distillate, Aloe Vera Juice, Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Organic Bilberry Extract, Organic Sugar Cane Extract, Organic Sugar Maple Extract, Organic Orange Fruit Extract, Organic Lemon Extract, Organic Cranberry Extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin C Ester, CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10), Beta Carotene (Pro Vitamin A), Retinol Palmitate (Vitamin A), Alpha Lipoic Acid DL- Thioctic Acid, d-Calcium Pantothenate (Panthenol Vitamin B5), Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Carrot Oil, Milk, Tetrasodium EDTA, Polysaccharide gum.

This serum wasn’t in the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, so each ingredient has been linked above. The only ingredient with a hazard score above a 3 is Retinol Palmitate, and it earns a hazard score of 8. Polysaccharide gum wasn’t in the database.

Some great things about this product:

1.  It’s free of parabens.

2. It contains organic ingredients.

3. It’s cruelty-free.

Product Description(also provided at “This serum contains powerful organic nutrients of DMAE, vitamin A, B, C and E, and alpha lipoic acid along with the wonder oil meadowfoam. Our blended formula counteracts dryness that occurs in aging skin and increases the moisture retention capacity. This will eventually improve your skins elasticity. ProVitiamin B5 stimulates skin regeneration while the organic compound DMAE immediately tightens and firms the skin for a fresh youthful appearance.”

Price $54.99 for 2 oz.

Performance– I’ve been using this serum in the mornings under my make-up and at night before going to sleep. Depending on your skin type, you may need to use the serum in addition to a moisturizer, but my skin is oily enough to use only the serum. In fact, I find that my make-up goes on much smoother with this serum than it does when I use lotion. I’ll also add that I haven’t had any dry patches of skin since I began using this product, whereas, I normally do have dry skin despite applying lotion twice a day.

Scent– The product has a slight citrus scent that you don’t smell at all after it is applied. I find the smell to be fresh and pleasant.

Rating– I am going to take a 1/2 point off for the one hazardous ingredient. I am going to take another 1/2 point for the price being $54.99. 9/10.

Would I purchase this item again? I would likely purchase this product again because I do love the way my skin feels with it on. However, it is a bit out of my price range. While it is expensive, though, I do have to mention that I’ve had it for about three weeks and still have way more than half the bottle left. So, if I feeling like spoiling myself in the next couple months when I run out, I may splurge and order more.