The Answer Ideal Eyes Anti-Aging Eye Cream Review

The Answer Ideal Eyes Anti-Aging Eye Cream ReviewMarch 18, 2011

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I’ve been using The Answer’s Ideal Eyes Anti-Aging Eye Cream for several months now. While typing up Wednesday’s review of Karen’s Botanicals Perfect Lotion, I realized (after mentioning and then attempting to link to my review of the eye cream) that I’ve yet to actually review this fantastic product.

Ingredients (provided at “Rose hydrosol*, sunflower seed oil*, helichrysum hydrosol*, meadowfoam seed oil, plum kernel oil*, jojoba oil*, rosehip seed oil*, blue/green algae extract*, mango seed butter, distilled water, vegetable glycerin, macadamia nut oil*, emulsifying wax NF, green tea extract*, vitamin E, essential oils of elemi* and carrot seed*, rosemary extract and grapefruit seed extract.
*Certified organic ingredient.”

I couldn’t find this product in theCosmetic Safety Database so I searched each ingredient individually. A disappointing amount the ingredients had large data gaps (which means they haven’t been “assessed for safety in cosmetics by industry panel”),and two of the ingredients had hazard scores higher than a 3 (emulsifying wax NF* & grapefruit seed extract). At least most of the ingredients sound like things that are found in nature, right? I’m taking a great deal of comfort in that.

*I’ve just been informed by Ellen Holder, creator of The Answer, that “the emulisfying wax used in The Answer for Skin’s products is EcoMulse, which is EcoCert approved for use in organic products but there is no where on EWG’s Skin Deep database to specify this.” She also said that The Answer For Skin uses “a combination of rosemary extract and a tiny bit of grapefruit seed extract to prevent mold and bacteria growth–a must for an eye cream.” All of this sounds logical, and it also eases my mind. And who better to hear it from than the creator of the product line?

Some great things about this product:

1.It contains organic ingredients.

2. It’s free of parabens.

3. I will definitely be reusing the tiny glass jar that holds this product.

Product Description (also provided at “The Answer’s Ideal Eyes anti-aging eye cream is your best defense in fighting the aging process around the eye area. This thin-skinned area is often the first place to show signs of aging and needs powerful, yet super light and gentle, ingredients that can penetrate quickly and easily. Ideal Eyes contains an arsenal of nature’s best anti-aging fighters. Essential oil of elemi [EL-uh-mee] is highly regarded for boosting collagen support, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles and has cell-regeneration properties, rejuvenating wrinkled, sagging skin. Combined with vitamin A-rich carrot seed and antioxidant-rich sea algae and green tea, this nourishing eye cream feeds the skin of your delicate eye area. Moisturizing plant oils of meadowfoam, rosehip, macadamia, and sunflower seed are rich in vitamins A, C and E and rich fatty acids. It’s like a complete balanced diet for eye area.”

Price– It’s a little pricey at $27.95 for .5 oz. Fortunately, I managed to snag a 5 ml sample size for around 5 dollars before they stopped offering it at (which was an amazing deal, because I’ve still got half a jar after using the eye cream once a day for months). Use this product sparingly as the directions suggest, and you’ll be much more likely to get your money’s worth.

Performance-Irecommended this product to a friend, so I’m obviously a fan of it. I used it as a daytime eye cream before discovering Perfect Lotion, and I loved that it made my under eye area glow. When used sparingly, it never caused my eye makeup to run. I currently use it as a nighttime eye cream, and it fills this role just as dreamily. It’s gentle and soothing, and I feel good about the possibility of it preventing and/or delaying wrinkles.

Scent– It doesn’t have much of a scent at all, but I guess it very faintly smells like cinnamon. Who knows why that’s the case, since cinnamon is nowhere to be found on the ingredient list.

Rating– 8/10. I subtracted one point for each of the two questionable ingredients.

Would I purchase this item again?– I won’t rule it out completely, but I might go for something with even better ingredients next time…especially since this product isn’t sold in a try me! size anymore. I’m afraid it’ll go bad before I even use it all if I splurge for the .5 oz jar!


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