Modified Clay and Eggs Mask

Remember my post about The Daily Green a while back? Well, I finally got around to making a modified version of the clay and eggs mask that I mentioned. Instead of using white clay (also known as Kaolin), I used two tablespoons of my nearly empty jar of Indian Healing Clay*. Since I didn’t have it and wasn’t sure where to buy it, corn flour was not used in the making of this mask either. As suggested, I did add one egg white to the mixture. And as a final modification, I substituted the recommended chamomile oil (which I also didn’t have) with two tablespoons of freshly brewed chamomile tea (which is already suggested in the event that the mixture is too thick).

This mask seemed to calm my skin and even the tone a good bit, and that’s definitely a good thing since I’m currently dealing with a mild pre-period breakout. If I were going to make this mask again (and I probably will), then I’d add less chamomile tea and egg white or find and purchase corn flour, since the mask ended up being slightly watery and slimy. I guess that’s what I get for trying to fix something that isn’t broken (or modifying a recipe that was probably fine in the first place).

*Side Note- After checking out Bentonite (which is the clay, and the only ingredient, in Indian Healing Clay) on the Cosmetic Safety Database, I will likely be purchasing something that isn’t linked to cancer when I run out. Perhaps I’ll invest in a bigger jar of French Rose Clay, or maybe buy something that I’ve yet to try. Who knows?
by Dawn Grimes