6 Natural Cures for Dry Skin

I really enjoyed reading this Care2 article that lists 6 Natural Cures for Dry Skin.


  • The article suggests removing makeup with olive oil, but I prefer taking off my eye makeup with coconut oil, because it comes off with much less effort (and everyone knows that the less you scrub the sensitive skin under your eyes, the less likely you are to get wrinkles).
  • I can’t wait to try that Greek Yogurt and Papaya Enzyme Conditioning Mask. It’s at least tenth on a long list of masks that I need to try, and I mean it when I say need.
  • I had no idea what Kefir was before reading this article.
  • I’m definitely going to put honey on my heels the next time I clip my toenails and exfoliate my feet.
  • Egg yolk might prevent hair loss? I have some balding friends that could definitely benefit from that information.
  • Since dark chocolate makes skin less prone to dryness, I’m off to eat some of the dark chocolate-covered strawberries that Kirby made for me. It has very little to do with them being absolutely delicious. Not!

by Dawn Grimes