Yogi Ginger Tea is great for overeaters like me!

Yogi Ginger Tea is great for overeaters like me!January 25, 2011Yogi Ginger Tea

Image Courtesy of supplements.guidestobuy.com.

I’ve had a cup of Yogi Ginger Tea after dinner for the past three nights, and each time I was pleasantly surprised to find that it actually made me feel less full! I’ve been a fan of Yogi Ginger Tea for a while (I was actually convinced that I had posted about it at some point, but I searched high and low and found nothing), but only because it’s 100% organic and 100% tasty. I never knew it could actually make me hate myself a little less after a meal! I’m not at all promoting a lifestyle of overeating and subsequent ginger tea-drinking, but we all get carried away sometimes. When those times occur, this tea sure is nice to have around. I’ve yet to try it for myself, but I’ve also read that this tea is great for menstrual cramps!

Also, I found the Sea Fresh Toothpaste that I recently reviewed at the health food store here in Lake Charles! I was pretty relieved, since I also remembered earlier the same day that Wal-Mart hardly ever has Burt’s Bees Fluoride-Free Toothpaste. Paying shipping for a tube of toothpaste would kill my soul a little.

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