More Advice for Friends: Natural Moisturizer and Eye Cream

More Advice for Friends: Natural Moisturizer and Eye CreamDecember 27, 2010

I’ve got some pretty fly Christmas presents to tell you guys about, but I thought I’d wait until Tuesday after I go shopping with my mom (which is her Christmas present to me). I’m sure that I’ll have even more great things to share after that.

Today’s post is less about Christmas gifts and more about advice. My friend Kristen recently had a couple of questions for me about moisturizer and eye cream. I decided to post about them, because all of her questions seemed pretty relatable.

Her Problem:

She told me that she’d been using Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face and Eye Creams for several years, and that she had no problems with them other than their price and her knowing little about their ingredients.

She asked me if I had any suggestions for a more natural moisturizer and eye cream, and she also asked me if I knew of another reliable place that rates health and beauty products and their ingredients (since she couldn’t find her current moisturizer and eye cream in the Cosmetic Safety Database).

My Response:

I told her that I didn’t know of or use any other sites to analyze the ingredients in products, since the CSD has such an expansive list of ingredients. I did send her links to a site that I found through Google that used some sort of system to rate her currentmoisturizer and eye cream, since she seemed curious about the ingredients. I was sure to tell her that I had no idea how reliable the site was.

I searched four a couple of the ingredients from her current moisturizer and eye cream on the CSD that I was pretty sure were hazardous, and found that Cyclopentasiloxane (an ingredient in the eye cream) and Myristyl Myristate (an ingredient in the face cream) were both linked to cancer.

I suggested that she try Karen’s Botanicals Rehydrating Aloe Vera Lotion, since it’s my absolute favorite moisturizer (which is why I always recommend it when someone asks what moisturizer they should be using), hands down, and only has a hazard score of one (not to mention that it’s way less expensive than Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream).

I gave her two recommendations for eye cream, Skin’s Apricot Mango Eye Cream and The Answer’s Ideal Eyes Anti-Aging Eye Cream, both of which have great ingredients and are about half the price of Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Eye Cream. I told her that the former is better as a nighttime eye cream since it tends to smear eye makeup and the latter is better for daytime use and also makes my under eye area sort of glowy, which is something that I actually love.

Hopefully my advice helped Krisen, and perhaps it will help someone reading this as well!

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