Go send some eCards!

Go send some eCards!December 17, 2010Xmas card design for 'All I want for Christmas...' Show

This isn’t an eCard, but I thought it was super cool-looking.

photo credit: Claud Forsb

I’ve never been a huge fan of eCards. I’d usually rather have a card that I can actually hold with human handwriting on it (as opposed to…fonts). But I discovered today that sending eCards actually has some benefits (aside from the good karma that likely goes along with not using tons of paper). When you send Care2 eCards, you earn butterfly credits. According to Care2′s website, “Credits can be redeemed for meaningful gifts like safe drinking water,carbon offsets, or help for shelter pets through amazing organizations.” I don’t know about you, but that makes me wanna send a few Christmastime eCards.

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