Thanks, Coastal Classic Creations. I enjoy smelling like a snow cone.

A Cracked Coconut
photo credit: GilmourCreative

I ordered a small bag of trial size items from Coastal Classic Creations a few months ago. I have yet to actually review any of the products, but I did post about liking the trial size light to medium concealer while I was sunburned and on the beach with my family. I will eventually get around to posting thorough reviews of some of my favorites,  but for now I’d just like to say that I adore the Sand Waves perfume that came in my sampler set.  While it is made from fragrance oil rather than essential, the fragrance oil is premium grade and phthalate-free…which is something with which I can always get on board. After my perfume-related post a while back, I gave away all of my questionable perfumes. I’m not too concerned with what the hazard score is, either. While I can’t find this specific product on the Cosmetic Safety Database, Coastal Classic Creations’ other fragrances are all either a zero or a one.

This perfume smells like a dreamy tropical snow cone, and I am not ashamed of the fact that I sometimes wear it to bed.
by Dawn Grimes

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