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My 21st birthday was last week, and I was admittedly a little bummed out that I wouldn’t be spending it with all of my close friends and family, but Kirby, being the swell guy that he is, made sure that it was a lovely day from start to finish. It started with birthday donuts and flowers, and it ended with birthday cuddling and Arrested Development (in between were birthday lunch at a delicious cafe and birthday sushi for dinner ). I’m a lucky girl.

birthday flowers

I was eying some flowers similar to these in a store a few days before my birthday. They were waiting for me in the kitchen with my birthday donuts when I woke up.

Kiss my face Sample Pack

This Kiss My Face Sample Pack, also a gift from Kirby, is full of gems. I was pleasantly surprised.

Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron

Another present from Kirby was a straightener exactly like the one pictured above. It's a Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron.

Damaging my hair never felt so classy. Honestly, this straightener has been kinder to my hair than any other styling tool I’ve owned. I once had a straightener that fried my hair so much that it actually smelled burnt when I was finished. I wish that I were joking.

straightened hair

Here's proof that my straightener works and I'm not pulling your leg.

birthday pic

He might be incapable of smiling on command. My birthday dress reminded me a little too much of an optical illusion.

Oh, did I mention that he also bought me the computer from which I’m posting? It feels so good to have a computer of my own again. Excuse me while I waste my life away with Google Reader.
by Dawn Grimes

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  • Happy Belated Birthday! That flat iron makes your hair look fly! Sounds like your birthday was amazing!

  • I know your pain about not being around your friends for your birthday. I turned 30 right after we moved to Lake Charles from NC. All of the MFA program who had really just met me a month earlier came out to 7-10 (now called AJ’s) and some brought gifts. I really appreciated it, but a few drinks deep and I started calling my friends back home crying like why aren’t you guys here I am 30!!!! At least you came with a group of family/friends to make it a little easier on you.

    I look forward to all of us getting to know each other and sharing some veg. recipes.

  • Jade

    Is a Solia better than a Chi?

  • Dawn

    I’ve used a Chi before, and I remember being pretty annoyed that it had a set temperature (370 is what the websites I found said). The Solia ranges from 140-450 degrees, and I enjoy that feature. Sometimes I don’t need a lot of heat (like if I’m just straightening one or two small misbehaving sections of my hair), and sometimes I may even need a higher temp than 370 (because the back of my hair can be a real bitch).

    A hefty portion of the reviews that I’ve read by Solia users state that they are former Chi users; I guess that says something.

  • Dawn

    hahaha…I didn’t call any of my friends, but I certainly came close. And you’re right; I am lucky to have Danielle, Kyle and Kirby here with me. Brittany did a pretty good job of making sure I had fun on my birthday too. She is an angel.

    I cannot wait for hanging out and recipe swapping!

  • Dawn

    Thanks, Chuck!

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