Cervical Dysplasia

Cervical DysplasiaJuly 29, 2010 ,

Orchids look like vaginas. Get it? (Photo courtesy of audreyjm529)

I discovered that I had cervical dysplasia after my second or third trip to the Gynecologist. My follow-up pap smear was also abnormal. I have friends who have had to undergo biopsies after repeated abnormal pap smears, and I’ve heard a horror story or two about how painful it can be. Needless to say, I wanted to avoid that. My sister told me that she read a few things online about natural remedies for cervical dysplasia, and I did some research for myself shortly after that. A lot of the blogs and articles that I found suggested discontinuing the use of bleached tampons. I stopped using tampons altogether almost immediately, and I also began drinking the Female Toner Tea that I posted about a while back.Around this time, I also started taking folic acid after hearing and reading that birth control causes a folic acid deficiency in a disturbingly high number of women. Although I had no idea at the time that birth control was/is linked to cervical dysplasia and cancer, the knowledge that it was robbing my body of something that it needed persuaded me to stop taking that as well (Not to mention, birth control also made me feel like I was going absolutely crazy).

My most recent gynecological exam was a few weeks ago, and my pap smear results came back normal. I hardly think that’s a coincidence.

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