I probably have Poison Ivy.

I probably have Poison Ivy.July 4, 2010

Danielle and I did some light gardening a couple of days ago, and now I have a rash. My stepfather pointed out some Poison Ivy close to where we were gardening, and I’ve used logic to determine that I probably have Poison Ivy. To my surprise, it has remained confined to my hands for now. I’ve been reading about the best treatments online, and this is what I’ve tried so far:

spring valley tea tree oil

I tried this first. I always put tea tree oil on anything and everything that looks suspicious.

When I realized that the rash was likely Poison Ivy, I immediately used this stuff. It’s been in my bathroom closet at home for years.

Luckily, I found some of this in a toiletry bag of mine. It’s helped a good bit with the itching, but gross is all I have to say about the ingredients.

I made a paste with this and the vinegar pictured below, let it dry on my hands, and then scrubbed the rash with it.

The paste needs a few tablespoons less vinegar than it does baking soda. Otherwise, it’ll be too watery.

I poured this all over both of my hands, and the smell was so strong that it actually made me feel a little light-headed.

The tea tree oil and the anti-itch lotion help with the itching. The soap is obviously preventing spreading, for the most part. The paste dries the rash out a little, and the alcohol burns a lot. Still, nothing seems to be making it go away. Any suggestions? I hate poison Ivy.

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