Selena’s Guest Review of Karen’s Botanicals Fennel Sage Toner

Selena’s Guest Review of Karen’s Botanicals Fennel Sage TonerJune 10, 2010

I recently purchased Fennel Sage Toner for oily skin from Karen’s Botanicals after using Dawn’s Melissa Rose Toner and absolutely loving it. I didn’t even realize that I should be using toner, until Dawn explained to me that it might help my oily oily skin. I feel like Karen’s Botanicals toner is kind of a miracle product and I tell everyone about it. When I have break outs, they clear up faster and my skin looks way less greasy at the end of the day. I also really like all of the information that comes with the products I ordered. I never knew the difference between a lotion and a cream or why one is better for my skin.

Ingredients (as listed on– “Sage leaf*, Calendula blossom*, Marshmallow root*, Nettle leaf*, Rosemary leaf*, Comfrey*, Fennel seed*, and fresh Parsley leaf* all infused with gentle heat and light from the sun and moon in Distilled water and Witch Hazel; Aloe Vera gel*, wildcrafted Benzoin gum extract*, selected essential oils. *Denotes certified organic.”

Product Description (also listed on– “A refreshing astringent lotion formulated to reduce oiliness, tighten pores, and deep clean the skin. The unusual blend of Fennel and Sage creates a rich scent reminiscent of anise and an herb garden in the mid-day summer sun. After washing, apply toner to face with a cottonball. Let it dry so that your skin absorbs all of the nutritious compounds supplied by the extraordinary and common plants listed below. Follow with moisturizer for a complete skin care routine. This toner has approximately 8% alcohol from the Witch Hazel. Relative to many other toners, this is a very low alcohol content. Excess alcohol in a toner can be damaging, drying, or irritating, especially to sensitive skin.”

Price- I don’t mind paying $12.50 at all for this wonderful toner.

Performance– I love this toner, but next time I order some I will get the Melissa Rose Toner for combination skin. Although the Fennel Sage Toner does make my skin prettier and less broken out, I think the Melissa Rose Toner actually helped my skin to be less oily at the end of the day.

Scent– I think it smells really nice and not at all like chemicals or old women like most facial products do.

Rating– I would give the Fennel Sage Toner a 9 only because I like the Melissa Rose Toner slightly better.

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