Stevia Lemonade

Stevia LemonadeJune 7, 2010

When life hands you lemons, make lemon meringue pie!
photo credit: katerha

Lemonade is probably second favorite beverage that’s not very good for me (Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk is my number one favorite). I’ll occasionally tell myself that it is a fruit juice since it’s made from the juice of fruit, but in reality lemons don’t do my body nearly enough good to make up for all the bad that the sugar is doing (at least with the other fruit juices that I buy the sugar is naturally occurring).

In the midst of my most recent lemonade craving, I juiced one large lemon, added two packets of NuStevia, and slowly added water until the mixture tasted like lemonade. I was pleasantly surprised by how authentic it tasted. I’ve tried tea sweetened with NuStevia before, and the taste is never quite right, but the lemonade was a definite winner. My concoction made three large glasses, which was perfect. I drank two of them and gave to other one to my grandmother, who was also a big fan of it.

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