Get outta town, olive oil.

Get outta town, olive oil.May 24, 2010 , , , ,

I coated the ends of my hair with olive oil before going to bed three nights ago. I thought that I remembered trying it before, but I must have been wrong because I do not at all remember the greasiness that ensued. I used baking soda the next morning in the shower and thought everything was fine. BUT my hair still looked wet after it was completely dry! I had to put it up while I was at work; it looked that gross. All the shampooing that I had to do to make my hair normal again definitely undid all the good that the treatment did for my hair.

To be fair, my hair has oily tendencies already. I probably didn’t need this treatment, but my ends were looking pretty damaged so I went for it anyway. Someone with very porous hair that is more on the dry side (like my sister, Danielle) would probably have a much better experience with this treatment. I guess the point that I am trying to make is that greasy-haired girls should stay away from olive oil.

Olive Oil Hair Treatment

I used this very kind of olive oil, only it was organic.

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