Danielle is smart.

Danielle is smart.May 20, 2010

Danielle has been urging me to replace my shampoo with baking soda for at least a year now, and I finally tried it out in the shower this morning. Actually, it was this afternoon. I slept in, and I feel pretty good about it. I feel pretty good about my hair too. I put a quarter-sized wad(I wish I could think of a less disgusting word to use) in my palm, mixed it with a little water, massaged it into my scalp for about thirty seconds, rinsed it out, and conditioned my hair as usual. It looks clean, but it doesn’t have that just shampooed squeaky/dry/fourth grade yearbook photo appearance. I was a little worried about it smelling dirty, but it just smells like my conditioner. I am definitely going to start shampooing less and using baking soda more.

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